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The Law Office of James Bauman LLC, is a premiere law firm that is able to address your legal concerns..

My firm focuses on family law (including divorce and custody matters, guardianships, Child in Need of Aid (CINA) cases), as well as criminal defense, and domestic violence. Whatever the issue, I will work diligently to construct an effective strategy to achieve a positive solution. I provide consultations that thoroughly analyzes your case, and I will give honest feedback regarding your options and chance of success. This consultation will help you make an informed decision before choosing a lawyer. Whenever the court is involved people often feel out of control and overwhelmed. Having an attorney that can walk you through this process goes a long way towards relieving that stress. My quick wit and ability to think on my feet allow me to take out-of-the-box approaches that allow for solutions that others may not. I care about you and your problems. You are not just a retainer and billable hours.

To schedule an appointment, call 907-841-7510. You can also contact us online here. Credit
cards are accepted.

Experience and Empathy

I understand you are coming to me with difficult and emotional issues. I can help you choose the best path forward and work with you to get there.

Personalized Service
I am a solo practitioner with an emphasis on you. You will never wonder if someone is working on your case, and if they are who.

  • ​Divorce/Family Law

  • Criminal Defense

  • CINA/OCS (Child Protection)

  • Domestic Violence

  • Landlord/Tennant

  • Wills

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