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Divorce/Family Law 


During difficult situations that involve relationships, children and finances, I will work to protect your interests and to help you obtain a solution that meets your needs. I will guide you toward a successful resolution of your family law situations, including but not limited to divorce, child custody, child and spousal support disputes, modifications, paternity actions, and domestic partnership matters.

Criminal Defense 


Providing effective defense for clients charged with a variety of crimes, from DUI and drug offenses to violent crimes, theft, fraud, juvenile crimes and more. I am an aggressive litigator, determined to uphold our clients' rights and pursue exceptional results.

(Child Protection) 


I represent mothers, fathers, grandparents, relatives and children in all types of child welfare and child custody cases, including CINA/OCS, third-party custody, juvenile delinquency, protective orders and everything in between. Many times all of these issues are going on in a family or in a child's life at once. I have experience and expertise in this area unmatched by others.

Domestic Violence 


Domestic violence allegations and events occur across all sorts of cases, and the outcome and impact is significant. I understand the concerns of those afflicted by the act or the accusation, and I understand how it impacts current life and the future. Not all domestic violence situations are the same, and they shouldn’t be treated the same. Having a lawyer who knows how to best accomplish your long-term goal and how to protect you now and in the future is essential.

Alaska Landlord/
Tennant Law


  • Residential Lease Agreements

  • Evictions

  • Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions

  • HUD, Rural Development, and Tax Credit Housing

Wills/Powers of


  • Wills

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Advance Care Directives

  • Transfer on Death Deeds

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